Sunday, December 26, 2010

Farah, Pi lantak dorang, I'm so happy for you!

Yesterday, on Christmas, there goes my cousin's wedding. She is and she will always be my best cousin ever and im so happy with the fact that shes married to the guy that never stop and never give up obtaining her love even after the pulling rope dramatic drama along the 10 years of them knowing each other. yeah2...

The wedding took place at Palaca of Golden Horses ( Of course it was super grand! and i'm his husband bestman!) and of course, keturunan orang2 melayu asli nih, bermulalah kisah2 mulut2 mereka.

They said its membazir,
its not worth it,
bla bla bla..
Apa kita kesah ek yah!

well, its her wedding, she was using her own money, she s not troubling anyone, her cousin s was the one who surrendering themselves to give hands on their cousin's wedding!

and! FARAH! im happy for yah!

BoBBa the Pornstar!

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