Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 17 - Ala!! Ala~~~!!!

Hi everybody!!

I’m very busy today, so I can’t write a long blog..hahaha..(still have sumthing to do now loh~~) its already 5 15pm!!..arghh…but no matter what happen I will and need to going back at 5 30!!hahaha… I’ve commitment.. amik arip n MD….Md finished work at 4 45 sian kat die waiting lame2(padehal everyday ktorang tunggu die half an hour!!).. kan~~

Nway today is rOro bufday!! Happy birthday gurl!! Hahaha..smoga ko akan tenang forever and ever..if not aku tepuk muka lu!!hahaha

OO..dah tak sempat!!! I need to continue my work or else aku kene balik lewat!!! Argh!!
Ala!! Ala~~~!!!

Dah tak sempat.. k semua..Choiw!!!
Monday I’ll continue!!

XoXo Billy B

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 16 - Genius will stay as genius forever!

Why am I not feeling boring doing and writing this blog everyday ek? I also dunno knaper la..maybe sbab I can isi my free time before I go back tiap hari..btol la..! I think it’s the reason la~~yey!! I have the reason..yuhuu!!

Today I’m driving arip’s car to work..yesterday I’m driving mine. Oh! I’m sorry. Aku forgot nak tell u guys yg now we are using one car only to work.. every morning, we all (arip,me and MD) will be ready at 7 20 am (tp arip always late)..geram!! and I’ll drop Md kat Lrt Sri Petaling nyer stesen..and after that I’ll drop arip plak at Redtone ..pastu baru I ll arrive at my office around 8 15 am like that…hebatkan? I can save petrol n toll this way tau!
Well.. genius will stay as genius forever..(hehe..)

Pagi ni, I’ve going through a lot of things. There are bitter memories,and there are also sweet memories…(eh,macam2 la!) ..aku merepek jer tuh..owh! u remember Eric? The busrah man yg dealing the phone line with me?..hurmm..that guy la..thank god u’ve remembered..kalo tak mmg sial la korang!! Kahkahkah… Eric tu came this morning to collect the smart call boss already approved my proposal to change the phone line..hahah…hebatnyer aku…takder saper dpt menyangkal!! Aku dah increase Telekom nyer profit!! usual ..i’m not going out for lunch, just makan my fibremeal bread jer..n now..aku lapar!!!! Giler babi punyer lapar!!! Huh..tgh makan roti lg nih..sedap2!

And after da lunch bread..tetibe got a lot of wotk to do..aku gatal2 dok lawakan file la..sususn kertas ..bersihkan area fax2 tuh..huhu..they all definitely proud to have me in the opis..kan rakan2~~?(tima kaseh krane support me!)

Owh..this evening we will again having dinner together…Nennie,Arip,MD, Adah and me!
Everyday is just beautiful!! Love them!!

Its already 5 13pm..and its time for me to berkemas2 to balik rumah!!opss..its time for mamak!!lalala~~~

XoXo Billy B

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 15 - Its my nature to love the keras2 thing~~!!

Apa Khabar semua!!! U all pasti tertunggu2 my blog for today kan?..hahaha(mesti ade
org yg sakit hati..)… Well, everythings going just well today.. there’s no problem occur but I’m damn sleepy la today.. giler babi nyer sleepy…maybe becoz there nothing to do in the morning..hurmm..

I had awholemeal bread for my lunch today..four keeping tau I ate..haha..too much..n again ..i asked one of my girl to buy me a papaya..and the papaya is very the best la today..manis, keras2 ala2~~ perfect!..well..its my nature to love the keras2 thing…. Hahaa

Well,one of my biggest concern nowadays is the Internship’s log book..mcm mane?! Aku just start writing work details for one week…hahaha..ader lg 3 weeks punyer citer..

Help me,help me, help me please..
Don’t let the hunter shoot me dead!
I dun want to die now..
Please help me..

(merepek skejab..kahkahkahakah)

Actually takder thing yg I can story here today..but everyone in my office are very busy , it’s a month tu closing all the ,busy la tgk jer ar..what else can I do?kan~~

Hari2 kerja..

Nway..arip promise to buy me the best jambu evah!!(bak kater dier la..)
And I cant wait to go home..owh! another one hour till the times come..

And chiow!!!

XoXo Billy B

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 14 - I'm a very adorable brother!!

Halloo!!! Wadup3!..haha.
Sorry because there is no blog for yesterday.. I’ve a MC for leg sakit.. n then sakit hati gak because of the clinic's very sangat expensive fee..sial! inject la..ubat sapu la.. n u noe what?! The next day bile I went to the pakarnyer hospital..the doctor said all the medicines that the clinic gave me are useless..I dun have any swell to eat the swelling pill..dar~~~ stop being a doctor bastard!! Huh..lega!!

Hurmm..I start my work today with a very bad mood..dunno y..maybe because dah sonok naw bercuti..huhu.. I dun have any work this morning but I pretend that I have works to do..huhu.. I called people..asking bout the quotation and I kemas my meja..but die sepah balik this evening..huh~~~

Guess what I have for lunch today?..haha..mee hun goreng mamak with chicken!! Kahkahkahakahakahakah..gemuk la ko..gemukla ko…stress~~im so bored until my stomach started to scream like hell and a few minutes later, I already sit at the mamak stall and ordering the mi hun goreng without taugeh…sedap gak la…but eating alone really not fits me…haha.really need the besties~~ miss them! going to meet them this evening..hahaha..yuhuu!!

Owh! Yesterday adalah birthday md nor @ MD…and we manage to surprise him with a very kechik birthday party at the kfc..but to saw him surprised.. its ok la..huhu..our mission is a success.. we all luv u MD!!!

MM…still got sumthing to do tp cam malas I think I’m going to finished it tomorrow jer la..

Td kan ader pakcik nih n his employee dtg jual coklat..all the staff said it is nice but when I tasted it I think its very murah nyer chocolate and the price that he are selling is very high….u noe what.. I bought three packet of them for ten bucks..i also dunno y im buying the thing..and all of the staffs will buy it after taste it..aku raser dah kene mantera mom mesti marah giler..huhu..but ok la kot..all of my siblings are here in they can eat it…huhu…well…I’m a very adorable brother..(ah..dun mention..malula)…

K la..thats all for today..sakit perut plak..hahaha..tata..

XoXo Billy B

Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 13 - Melayu always like that la~~~

Lalalala~~~ alast! I kene marah by my supervisor because of the chatting thing..haahahaha….i actually dah dpt guess yg dis kind of thing will happened because I chatting tak from now on, I will focus on my work and work only. Chat only can happened during lunch time!!

But dun worry, for my blog supporter , this takkan berenti because this blog mean a worlllddd to me.. and thanks again for those we kept reading my blog although tak la sebest mane..

Dis morning, there is nothing to do because I ve finished all the works yesterday and I just wandering around the internet and did a serious chatting (sbab tu lah kene marah kot~~) abis tuh! They all tu yg suppose to give me keje and after she marah me, I got sumthing to do non-stop..hahaha

Wargghhh!!! That guy I ade request for quotation from one gas man,remember? I already got it and the price given is very unreasonable! Kepala bapak die! Padehal that matter small2 only.. the harge can buy2 motocycle dah! Sial..dunno y I’m the one whu get emotional hahaha…and today I did not feel that sleepy ..maybe because I got enough sleep yesterday..yes! get enough sleep everyday will make your life healthier and happier!!

Owh ..forget to mention , sambungan from the blog yesterday bout another gas man, lagi sorang, I request for this,he proposed for that, I said this, he said that! Arhggg!! Mcm sial..although I dunno much about this kind of thing but I noe sumthing is wrong when he say this and that! Tula..Melayu ni..we want to help each other but they keep doing annoying thing!! Urghh..

Lunch hour td.. I went to IoI mall to met arip..hahaha..At least I hav sumthing to do in the 2 hour…kan~~haha

K la..its already 5 38pm…and I need to go back!chioww!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 12 - Blame Arip n Nennie!

arip n nennie!!

Hah!!! I’m very lambat la today!!! It’s all arip fault, he turn off the alarm when it rang at 6 30 am!! Argh!!And Nennie's fault too! She promised to kejut me but she's not! Dah la wake up late, shirt still not yet ironed..then on my way, there’s one traffic light rosak and stuck there for almost half an hour..mcm mane?

Nway, sorry because there is no blog for yesterday due to so many jobs that need to be done, so aku continued with ari ni punyer jek la….mmm..xpela..
Let story sket bout yesterday’s work, as usual ,it is about the phone line, and the uniform.. no more SOP because my supervisor can’t find anytime to revise the SOP… safe for now..

For today.. there nothing much to do..because everything had been done today what I need to do is just some correction on the proposal that I’ve made..hurmm..oh..the eric man called just now…hahaha..very boring la die tuh..
Very busrah+ tak comel..hahaha..

Sumtimes I feel very bored when takder kejer… y dun they gave me any interesting job to be done.. dun la risau2..
Mesti can do punyer if there orang yg could ajar me.. at least I’ll learn sumthing.kan~~


PUPPP!!! BAngun!!
Pure2 sleeping…serius skang ni I stil have some work need to be done, but am so sleepy smpai cant think anything..moral of the story, tonight I will sleep early so, I will rase extra bertenaga tomorrow..

Urghh!! 2morrow is’s a day of 2 hours lunch I going to summit again?..only time will tell…huhu..
Tgh tunggu a gas man ni..he promise to come yesterday but cancelled and come today but lambat….boleh declare war with me nih…

K la..I’m going to meet him and I’ll tell u whut happened tomorrow..

XoXo Billy B

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 11 - Head suddenly denyut2 hardly!

Urghhh…dunno why today raser very sleepy for the whole day.. maybe because of penat kot..yerla..

I just came back from Gunung Nuang yesterday.. so it is ok for me to raser tired..huhu..
Well.. I manage to climbed until to the gunung Nuang peak, and it is my second time there!!hahahahaha…hebat tak.. Well..the kehebatan yg terlampau really membuatkan may legs almost paralyze..hahaha..I cant move freely because of the sgt sakit nyer prasaan..

Well, I currently succesfull in preparing the uniform proposal!! Huahuahua…Giler terror-rist aku ni..and tomorrow I will present the new design and colour in front of the General Manager and his deputy..Curcur!!!hahaha

And after lunch hour my head suddenly denyut2 hardly..dunno y..stress but I need to finished all the job given..the attendance, the price quotation for the gas and renovation and so on….all the administration stuff la.. there is no big deal la for a genius likeme( nennie mesti geram if bace this sentence.. : ) )..

There is sumthing fuzz happening in my supervisor rooms.. there are so hardworking and that makes me want to work even harder than them.. but I need more job ..hahaha giler kan..My GM is a very2 quiet person and I think his life is very bosan because there is no commucation happe between the employers and employees…hisy la..~~ but ok la working here..ramai aunty2 yg comel and banyak cakap..aku pun banyak cakap gak la kan~~hahaha…see2…Skang ni pun they r still gossiping!! Huhuhu..suke2..

Rite..enough for today…

XoXo Billy B

Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 10 - Lets change it to pink!!

UIK! Wadap2!! Ari ni aku macam letih gler…. Tak tau naper…keje takder la banyak sgt but I still feel tired.. maybe because it is jumaat kot..hahaha..
Not related langsung kan~~

Lunch hour td , I jalan2 alone kat summit..yerla.. lunch break for today is 2 hour.. what can I do than jalan2 at Summit kan? Hahaha.. Serious am very sleepy right now.. can’t wait the the clock tick at 5 30 pm..and..I can go back!!!huahuahua

Today I have to do two proposal, one is about the proposal to change the phone line and the second proposal is about the company’s uniform.. I think they need to chage the colour..serious~~ btol..korang should see the kaler now…giler hambar.. Am thinking to change it to pink..coolies~~huahuahua..

Still ngantuk~~it’s already five! Come on!

2morrrow is cuti !! until Monday!! Lalalal~~ sonok2..

Besok I’ll go hiking gunung Nuang with summer rovers and I dun think I wanna to hike until the peak,,tak larat lah me..huh!! Got to work some more on Monday..kan~~
Just doa for my keselamatan jer udah!!

Tak siap lg da second proposal.. Tuesday la continue..boleh siap punyer la..


XoXo Billy B

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day 9 - The Sword fight hat!

Alrite..It’s time for blog!!! Hahaha… Whenever it’s time to write this thing, u can see a big smile on my face..huhuhu..

Ala…the carpet men dah sampai la… but its ok la..if they start their work awal ..aku pun can go back early la..takyah wait until 7 o’clock macam semalam..huhu..Today, I need to finished yesterday’s uncompleted work. So I start working as soon as I arrive at the office.. As usual , am the first one who arrive at the office. But okla working here, there’s no need to deal with the conjested road stress..

What I need today are to find someone to repair the office, prepared the employee’s uniform list, and find a company who can do a piping for our nitrogen gas(sounds macam merbahaya giler kan?) hahaha.. tp its true la..mmg merbahayaa..

Before I can enter the lab, I need to wear a special white suit complete with the glove and shoes. My head also need to be covered by a sword game hat(do u noe what I mean?..ala..yg people main pedang2 nipis tuh..)..then they will inspect my body and spray me with high pressure wind to make sure there’s no bacteria in my body..
Giler ah!! Susah giler u noe..I need to do that every day…

Huhuhu…tipu only lah…hahahaha

This evening I had a meeting with sorang jantan dr phoneline agent.. Actually we already meet one agent yg provide same promotion .. and sajer jer ngada-ngada nak choose the better promoter.. and u know what , when I met that promoter I feel like nak lempang2 jer muke die.. Promoter but act like a big boss..dar~~~ like I dunno dat u r just a promoter.. dun care la u r using a cool gadget or what! Eh la mamat nih!(geram sgt la ni)
.. I didn’t amik masa lame to noe which promoter we want to choose.. I’ve already made my decision..Eric! u won!hahahaha

K la.. that’s all la for hari ni..nak pi amik that ima..chiow!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 8 - Oh! here they come!


I almost forgot to write this blog because of kesibukan aku yg super extra…. But I still manage to cari time yg suitable to jote things down.. ; ) ..

My connection with my friends here has becoming more merrier and it is laughter.. Sounds like fantasy isn’t it? But it is benar-benar belaka… hahaha.. and again.. for lunch I had my delicious papaya…Boring sbenarnyer…

Today ..i’m going to balik lambat because of the carpet cleaning that will be done by the unknown (for me la~~) carpet cleaner… I still wondering how is it going to be done.. cleaning the carpet in a building..really looking forward on how3!!!

Td Soraya YM-ing me and she said that my blog sgt2 interesting.. it really make muka me merah..hahaha..shame+malu= bangga a little la..kuikuikuii…

Oh! Here they come..the carpet cleaner finally here!!! Uh… not chai la.. one Indian with 2 buruk Nepal man..wargh!!!how can I stay alone for 2 hours with them~~isk,isk….tp takperla…..At least I can melayari the internet…kan~~ korang also can teman me what?... huhuhu…

A little bit bout my job today..No SOP…. A lot of interesting call.. got one meeting with a uniform dealer.. appointment with a “gas” thing men..and settle JPJ probs regarding to the company van and car..

Seriously.. Untill now, I think work is enjoyable… I lke this job and I can stay here if they want me too after this intership finished!



Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day 7 - When he muncul depan pintu...


This is my 7th day working here at Subang.. yesterday lps kerja aku pegi hang out ngan nennie,iam,mia and arip at Summit and we continue the lepak-ing di Nennie’s house at Casa Subang..

Hahahaha…am not reading or adjusting the SOP today.. finished already lo!!! Happy cukup!.. today, my work is to check all this building door, lamp, chair, desk or anything that have broken and list it down.. Nuthing much actually because this is not a big company .. it’s just a small building with a small number of employees..kan~~.. And again I’m doing it with pride and joy because I can walk around this building without any stress and kebosananan.

My lunch hour td diabiskan dgn tido yg helps me refresh for the remaining hour..and until now I still feel energetic hahahaha… I am the greatest junk over here..hahahaha…

After I bangun from tido ,I’ve appointment with the contractor and the phone line line agent from Telekom Malaysia..U noe ha, first when I heard his voice and name .. I thought he’s a ok Chinese man but when he muncul depan pintu I’m very shock because he’s a very ‘busrah’ Indian man..haha.. but I should congrats him because succesfull in being a Chinese wannabe with the name can we tell~~kan?hahaha

I’ll having my dinner at Asia CafĂ© today with the besties..(as usual) this formal wearing..haha..habang2 sgt kan!!

Ok..that’s it for today..See ya tomollow…

Monday, May 12, 2008

Day 6 - Straight + egoistic = Super Straight!!

Not in a good condition to work….it’s a headache, a major one.. Can’t think and focused well.. And the first job that need to be done is the SOP… Urghh.. bnyk giler nak kene bacer..and I think this is what I’m going to do for the whole day. Hopefully I’m wrong..

One of the employee here took an MC and the office kinda sunyi because she is very becok and funny …well, nothing much happened this morning and I’m expecting more for this evening.. hahaha..

It.s 4 O’clock pm and I’m not in a good mood .. MD suddenly make a decision not to stay in my house anymore.. It’s so sudden.. dunno what the selfish prick is thinking.. Fyi, that straight + egoistic = super straight guy(giler macho la) , at my opinion, always thinking about himself only everytime, every seconds.. He says that he wanted to try to stay at Rawang for a week.. and kalo cam penat duk Rawang die will moved at my house balik.. Very unpractical and selfish kan~~… But I just hoping that Arip will stay with me until this 3 months end or else I’m going to be alone…huh~~

Ape2la.. Life must go on.. I still have friends that will think about his friends equal to himself..kan~~ ..lapar giler.. I didn’t take my lunch this afternoon( well,everyday is the same..hahaha).. Actually, I’m still reading and adjusting this SOP.. facing this thing for the whole day really make me hungry..dunno the connection actually..but it really does..hungry~~hungry~~ maybe I’ll have dinner with nennie ima n mia today kat Subang.. Nennie wake up late today..kuikuikui…so tak pigi kerje…

K la..
Need to continue reading the SOP.. lalalalala…

Friday, May 9, 2008

Day Five-LAN cable man VS phoneline man... Let the war begin!!

Yesterday I have MUET I didn’t work as usual.. and when I met them this morning ..they really looking forward tuk tau where and why did I disappeared yesterday.. Obviously my supervisor didn’t tell them mana aku pegi.. mcm best lak plak the feeling. How to explain ek? ..its like feeling connected.. ha..tu la kot..

This morning, I asked one of my workmate about the phoneline man yang suppose to came yesterday.. but she said that no one is coming.. hisy..dah sudah.. pehal plak nih.. aku pun call the company again and the manager said that his technicians are on the way..okla kot..

But several minutes later I got a called from the receptionist saying that the LAN cable man waiting for me downstairs..tak nak havoc plak opis aku yg tak braper nak big nih..full with the technicians from the two different company..kecewe aku.. server down suddenly la~(whole building ok?!) .. Cable phone putus la.. arghh..headache!!!

But everything ended just according plan and we start moving our things to the new place which is more comfortable..hahaha..

The best part for today is where my supervisor blanje us pizza Hut.. three large pizza and I only got two slices from it because of course la aku kene bujet + diet…thanks PUan!!

The new SOP (refer to blogs below to noe more about this) arrived at my desk before I finished the other two SOP… The SOP getting thicker and thicker …
Gila wo!!!
Dah la..its already 5 08 pm and I have several jobs to be done..bye

Third day- papaya for lunch : )

Urghh…Sleepy head~~ I dun have enough sleep yesterday because of the two boys that staying with me for this practical era (gitu~~).. they keep talking like mak nenek till 2-3 in the morning..haha..same goes to me la of course.. Tomorrow I’ll take a leave because of the MUET exam and I really hope that it will goes well…really..

Nuthing much happening today just at the lunch time suddenly there is a communication process take part between me and my fellow clicks.. U noe what? They ask me to go lunch with them!! Hahaha.. but the so jual mahal me refuse their ajakan.. I just ask them to buy 2 piece of fruits for me and I’d a papaya for lunch..coolies~~~

And today also I got a new project.. do u noe the SOP? Ala.. the Standard of… btol la tuh~~ .. Our head company had launch a new SOP and what I need to do is compare the new SOP with the old one and note down the changes.. It’s very thick u noe?!.. hahaha.. But because of my commitment to the beloved company.. I done it with proud and respect..of course la tak sempat nak siapkan today…

Out of topic for a while, I feel sad for arip,my friends.. he is placed in this very boring department and I can tell this because I can feel the boringness~~ aura everytime he came back from work.. hahaha.. pity him.. tu la..saper soh amik finance…kuikuikui…

Bubye for today… ask me for more baby!!

Second day-I'm a gorgeous architect!

It’s my second day of work…but before I started this day two’s journey of work I would like to share my keluh-kesah about the thing happen before I arrive at the office every morning. The first thing is about my minyak yang very mahal..urghh.. RM 15 per day wo~!!! And the toll fees at RM 8.40 for one day!! Can you imagine how much I need for 1 week. Well RM 15 x 5=75..and RM 8.40 x 5 =42.. 75+42=117!! SEE?! 117 tuh.
Pening2 kpala brain aku nih korang tau or not!! STRESS~~

Okla..enough of the complaining.. my second day started very well.. I neen to finished the job that are given yesterday and aku pun like this job very I dun have such a big or fuzzy problem la.. just time lunch all the makcik2 and pakcik never ask me for lunch.. so I didn’t took my lunch today.. and I think it will contiunue to stay like this till the end…boring~~

And today I got a meeting ngan uniform dealer to deal about the uniform yg company ni nak pakai.. It run smoothly but the dealer seems a little bit too exited with the presentation and it is very like menyampah to look at his face while he was talking.. haha.. The price quotation is high and he proudly explain that his company is selling Mercedes and not kancil or wira ( do u noe the meaning of this?... think..)

I got a project to organize the office ( change the office punyer arrangement) and aku pun buatla ngan sedaya upaya and when I am asked to draft the design using the computer suddenly I feel like I am the very gorgeous architect with wife and two children (macam berkerjaya sangatla). So aku pun done it gune Microsoft word..hahaha… bangang kan..

And here is the list of people that I have to called today

P*****= Lan cable dealer
S*****= Uniform dealer
N****=Van dealer (Yeah..I have to deal about buying a van)
many more small2 people..haha.byk sgt..
call miss irni tak penah nak angkat..

Today ni jer kot..I’ll see u 2morrow..

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My first day~~

First when I arrive at the office front, the door was lock.. it already 7 45..n it’s still lock..
Arghh…what am I going to do now.. I felt… lost~~..

15 minutes later the door opened by an employee in a brown uniform (yeah..they’re wearing uniform) from the company and I get a seat in front of the reception counter..

Then I heard dorang(the receptionist) borak bout the beg tangan yg her friend beli kat sogo.. Bonia… it is so annoying to hear the discussion about the handbag..Comfortable la~~ soft la~~ cute la~~.. but obviously the handbag is sooooo biase.. there is nothing great on it ..darrr~~~

Several minutes later I realize sumthing.. there is no youngster walking around the building.. yg ader just the 30-an people…and again.. I felt..lost~~

15 minutes later I ve been called by the person incharge and for the first impression….she was nice.. not was she is nice..
She briefly explain things about the company and she heret me to all the departments in the company.. I try my best to give them my goody precious smile eventhough it is just a fake.. but I ‘m not worrying.. because myself will glow on its own..hahaha..glow izzat,,,glow!!

Surprisingly…I’ve been given a lot of works and projects and that make me happy because at least I have sumthing to do rather then wondering around..kan~~

mm.. I got my desk.. my own computer.. my own phone with personnel extension number..huhu..coolies..yey!!

It’s 4 30 pm now and jab gi kul 5 30 I can go back..yoyo….

Well.. see u 2morrow?

Friday, May 2, 2008

The first chapter..

Actually the main idea of this page is to provide the details of my every day worklife..

I hope there is someone outhere who will read it because there is sumthing can be learned directly or indirectly from it..

If I can help 1 person from this page, it is enough for me...

see u soon....