Friday, May 9, 2008

Second day-I'm a gorgeous architect!

It’s my second day of work…but before I started this day two’s journey of work I would like to share my keluh-kesah about the thing happen before I arrive at the office every morning. The first thing is about my minyak yang very mahal..urghh.. RM 15 per day wo~!!! And the toll fees at RM 8.40 for one day!! Can you imagine how much I need for 1 week. Well RM 15 x 5=75..and RM 8.40 x 5 =42.. 75+42=117!! SEE?! 117 tuh.
Pening2 kpala brain aku nih korang tau or not!! STRESS~~

Okla..enough of the complaining.. my second day started very well.. I neen to finished the job that are given yesterday and aku pun like this job very I dun have such a big or fuzzy problem la.. just time lunch all the makcik2 and pakcik never ask me for lunch.. so I didn’t took my lunch today.. and I think it will contiunue to stay like this till the end…boring~~

And today I got a meeting ngan uniform dealer to deal about the uniform yg company ni nak pakai.. It run smoothly but the dealer seems a little bit too exited with the presentation and it is very like menyampah to look at his face while he was talking.. haha.. The price quotation is high and he proudly explain that his company is selling Mercedes and not kancil or wira ( do u noe the meaning of this?... think..)

I got a project to organize the office ( change the office punyer arrangement) and aku pun buatla ngan sedaya upaya and when I am asked to draft the design using the computer suddenly I feel like I am the very gorgeous architect with wife and two children (macam berkerjaya sangatla). So aku pun done it gune Microsoft word..hahaha… bangang kan..

And here is the list of people that I have to called today

P*****= Lan cable dealer
S*****= Uniform dealer
N****=Van dealer (Yeah..I have to deal about buying a van)
many more small2 people..haha.byk sgt..
call miss irni tak penah nak angkat..

Today ni jer kot..I’ll see u 2morrow..

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