Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 15 - Its my nature to love the keras2 thing~~!!

Apa Khabar semua!!! U all pasti tertunggu2 my blog for today kan?..hahaha(mesti ade
org yg sakit hati..)… Well, everythings going just well today.. there’s no problem occur but I’m damn sleepy la today.. giler babi nyer sleepy…maybe becoz there nothing to do in the morning..hurmm..

I had awholemeal bread for my lunch today..four keeping tau I ate..haha..too much..n again ..i asked one of my girl to buy me a papaya..and the papaya is very the best la today..manis, keras2 ala2~~ perfect!..well..its my nature to love the keras2 thing…. Hahaa

Well,one of my biggest concern nowadays is the Internship’s log book..mcm mane?! Aku just start writing work details for one week…hahaha..ader lg 3 weeks punyer citer..

Help me,help me, help me please..
Don’t let the hunter shoot me dead!
I dun want to die now..
Please help me..

(merepek skejab..kahkahkahakah)

Actually takder thing yg I can story here today..but everyone in my office are very busy , it’s a month tu closing all the ,busy la tgk jer ar..what else can I do?kan~~

Hari2 kerja..

Nway..arip promise to buy me the best jambu evah!!(bak kater dier la..)
And I cant wait to go home..owh! another one hour till the times come..

And chiow!!!

XoXo Billy B

1 comment:

nennie T said...

muhahahahah!! ko x dpt jambu tuh!! hahahahah

cam pukheee keras2 thing hahah!!!!