Monday, June 23, 2008

U all layan the Euro tak?..

Almost a week I’ve stop updating this blog..its all because I ithink there is no point updating this blog when there is no one reading it..but I finally realize that a blog is created for own satisfaction… a place where u canlet things which is unspoken pour., a place where you can share the bittersweet of ur life…kan~~


Weh2… U all layan the Euro tak?...of course la the man will answer “Of Course!” because the man is created to watch and crazy about football .. But I have some friends (and I now its either u r one of them or u ader kekawan yang cenggini) ,yang berkompamg-kompang britau satu dunia that he is a football fan yang number one, sokong this team, support this team, this player cannot play, this player hebat..macam macam la… but when it comes to a real football…he don’t know a damn thing.. and I noe that dia tak pernah tgk satu pun Euro game this season..hahaha…pelik kan… But the best thing is, berita tiap hari will criter detail of the highlighted event of each game and he will use the comment tuk criter ngan kawan2…


It’s a borink week for me last week because there is no steady job for me …I just buat any available job..yang simple2 pun aku belasah korang tau least aku ader kejer..yang aku bleh buat..hurmm…

Ala…ader kejr lak tetiber…

XoX0 Billy B

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 28 - XoXo and ZeZe!!

Letuh tul la today…nak kater smalam tidor late2 tak gak..maybe because too many kerja that need to be done ..hahaha..kerja byk komplen..dapat sikit keje komplen..wahahahaha

After thinking for several days, I ‘ve made a decision that I’m going to stay at KL working….I can’t work at Johor because of several reason.. I hope my mom will understand and try to look things using my perspective..

dun feel like nak ckp banyak…but..can’t wait for this week camping!!


XoXo and ZeZe Billy B

Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 26 - Scouting is my life!!!

Waktu duka dulu kite lalui bersama..
Bahagia bagaii..

(lagu ujan..aku terdengar di radio)

If u’ll wanna noe.. there is a radio just beside my table in the office nih.. kinda noisy la sumtimes..but its veru helpful when kiter feel sgt mengantuk..kan~~.. I dun have much to do..just a little bit and that.. and still trying working on the Smart call phone line and also the nitrogen’s sangat susah tuk find the low price for the nitrogen gas.. it is sebab, all the peniaga only knoe how nak mark up harga than tau nak berniaga.. sbabtulah byk yg gagal ngan semperna in their business…. I dun noe y but I’m bored n sad because of them..

Well..last weekends, I had a camping with Unisel Rovers and It is very nice and sweet because I manage to teach them a little bit of this and that about scout and I hope they will stay to be a scout forever hahaha.. I entertain them till aku exausted giler but it is all berbaloi because dorang seems happy.. : )

Lalalalalalalalala..dis weekend aku akan camping lagi..n cant wait till Saturday!!
Scouting is my life..

N this is why I wanted to stay in KL than to stay in Johor..


Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 26 - I'll still love them!!

Walo2….I’ll go back early today because I’m taking a half day leave.. the reason why I’m doing that shall be a secret forever.. hahahaha …Well Friday usually is the hari with all the ketenangan because there is a so little work that need to be done.. so… I’m enjoying my free time right now..

Tp kan..Dis week obviously is the toughest week for me!! There so many aral yang melintang…giler stress…dah tak larat dah…but thank god there is nennie whu will always be by my matterla I’m right or wrong..She’s the real friend..Luv YA NEn!!

Well there is also friends whu claimed to be one of my besties but they really don’t act like one…but for me..they will always be my best friends forever… Tak kesah lah dorang tu pretenders ker (dah slalu jumper), friends with benefits ker (isy.takderla kot kawan mcm nih)…aper2la.. I’ll still Love them !! (it’s okay to call me Pathetic)..

Hahahaha…Emo ek my blog today…
Ok la Padehal .Sumtimes only..not everyday I write this kind of things…

And to all my new friends… Nice to meet you and once a Scout Always A scout

P/s :MAlam Ni I’ll go camping at sg Chongkak!!


XoXo and ZeZe Billy B

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 25 - Nice Job OATIANS!!!

Halo Gandrabada!!!!

Mucahz Gracias….I’m already ok la today….thanks to all the OAT members, we had mucho2 fun last night!!yerla kan..borak sampai kul 2 pagi…gilerrr malatup aku tido kul 3 30..huhuhuahaha..Nice Jobs OATIANS!! U guys really make me proud… , finally the uniform projects will complete with flying stars…just tunggu General Manager Sign JAh!!! Wahaha… n aku jugak do a little bit of human resource work ll tak payah tau la..bukan tau pun if aku mention…kan? Jgn marah…

MMM….U noe what? I think I need to be a little bit passive la tomorrow..becoz, when I’m very active untill my work all siap cepat!! And that make me bored!! Giler berlagak kan?

mmm…Afta this I’m going to sogo…with MD….NAK buy pair of jeans..dah tak muat..

k la….dah 5 30 pm dah…


ZeZe Billy B

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 24 - I'm not in the mood to write blog today..

Ape khabar everyone… I miss two days dalam menulis blog..well, on Monday, aku cuti bcoz ader interview kat Maersk Malaysia..and yesterday internet nyer server suddenly down..So tak dpt la nak write down anything…

Urghh… I’m not in the mood to write blog la today..sorry eh?..there is so many problems and I’m very the boring nak handle all this problems..and becoz of the probs, I jadik emotional sket and even my best frens dun make any effort to understand perasaan aku..yg tau, “hisy emotionall!”..darr~~ please la…aku bukannyer nak mintak simpati or what so ever..but Sometime I need someone to listen to me and make me laugh…

Wargh…I’m going to Unisel today..and I hope the OAT members can make me feel better… to be with them is better than to be with anyone..urghh..

Nway…aku tak suker biler aku suke someone!! It hurts…it really hurt..tau!
Korang maner tau!...

Dah la..
Bosan la ari nih…

ZeZe Billy B

Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 21 - Sedeh!!!

HAhahahahaha… I’m very da happy today due to the so so many jobs!! Arghh!!!! There is no work for me today..LAngsung… Sitting down in staring at the computer for the whole day really make me feels like an idot! Arghh… aku dah keep begging my co-workers tuk give me any job..tak kesahlah filling ker….angkar barang ker..but it looks like there is nothing for me tuk buat…

Uhukkkk…. Stress~~~ Because there is nothing to story kat korang bout the office works.. I wanted to talk about sumthing else…mmm let me think…mm.owh luper… as usual when it is Friday.. I will lepak with arip at kedai India at puchong..hua…And the car petrol almoes finshed (meaning I need to refuel the petrol at RM 2.70 per litre…warghh!!! Mahal cukup!! Fcuk!!

mm.. what can we do…kan~~ accept the fact jer la….

I’m not a big fans of horoscope or zodiac becoz I found it difficult to believe on those crappy things(Unlike Nennie, The horoscope genius..korang mesti kagum).. but for the past few days, my horoscope ..

Arghhh!!! Sorry2…I got an urgent job…bye2

XoXo Billy B..

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 20- Thanks Kerol!


Huhu… I already submit the borAng tuk take leave for this Monday, don’t u remember? I have an interview with Maersk Malaysia. Actually aku tak braper nak bersemangat to go to the interview sbab it has the Iq test and im not really good dalam that bab..urghh!!

But nevermind la..just try…if the nasib is by my side.. I‘ll lepas..if not..i’ll simple as Albegbra….kahkahkahkah…..Lucah lah plak..sorry2…(lucah lah!)

There is nothing much that I need to do today..just brangan around the table..kihkih….
Weh, u noe tak? Kung Fu Panda film? Actually we (nennie, Arip,MD and me) have the tickets to watch the premier of that film tonight!!! Huahuahuahua…best kan?,..mestilah best..tiket premier tuh..
Other people susah2 call Era, Fly fm, Hitz fm..we all just easily dapat..thanks Kerol..!haha..and we’re expecting a free ticket to watch teater P Ramlee the musical..It will be great if we can get the ticket…!! Kan~~

Its already 5 15 pm..and there is another 15 minutes…before I can rushing to the car…(dunno if that is really needed)… really hungry right now..padehal I’ve eat a lot today..

Dah la.. that’s all for today…mcm penat nak tulis byk2…

XoXo Billy B

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 19 - sbab my secret that I am a super genius akan terbongkar!!

Halo- Halo!!

Long time no see kan? Yesterday my office black out la….so taksempat nak wirte the blog..sorry k rakan2?..hahaha..but nothing much happen yesterday compared to today… the only interesting thing happened is the black out.. it is almost for 2 hours..and what did I do while waiting the electricity recover? Guess what? Correct! Sleeping~~ hahaha.. well, although there is no aircond but thank god we’re bless with heavy rain and tido la puas2..n the electricity only recovered at 5 pm.. half an hour lps tu dah bole balik.. haha

Enough for yesterday’s before the lunch hour, I’m very happy because there is so many work that is given to me…hahaha..
Br la sronok sket..but the work all habis before lunch hour..and my supervisor amik half day plak ari nih..
Dah tader sesaper nak supervise me…argh!! Stress2..

But the gud news is.. I got a called from Maersk Malaysia Berhad and I have an assessment at their place at Shah Alam this Monday.. terpakser la I take leave for one day.. but there is IQ test and I dun like the iq test..sbab my secret that I am a super genius akan terbongkar… arghh!! Nevermind la..i’ve been keeping the secret so many years..maybe its time..kahkahkahkahkahkahkah

Whut should I do now..there is nothing to do.. I can’t chat, I can’t sleep..isk,isk, sedey2.. any suggestion? Mesti takder punyer..tau dah..
Korang aper tau..huhuhuhu

K la..Thats all for today..see u tomorrow..

XoXo Billy B

Monday, June 2, 2008

Day 18 - Still makan alone~~boring!!

Well, Here am I again..tulis blog as usual…actually I just realize that the time that shows the time I wrote my blog is not correct..and aku tak tau how nak repair the time..hahah..never mind big deal kan..hahaha.. Today is a super2 boring day..and aku actually tak sababr nak go meet my friend yang malas nak pegi jumper our other friend..hahaha… whu cares..i still going though..hahah..

I got this little job this morning which is to key in the attendance data into the’s easy + boring..hahaha.. And I’m incharge to calculate the elaun tuk trainee2 lain… and tuk myself gak… tp because I tak reti lg kire..the jobs di hand over to other employee..huisy! stress..hahah.. kalo tak I already know how much is my allowance for this month..

For the first time evah, aku raser the disket adalah important giler..hahaha.. they are all using this kuno thing at this office.. I dunno about other office.. but my mom’s store pun dah tak gune disket..hahaha..whut to do kan..and nak dijadikan CPU at this office takder disket nyer tempat cocok, aku kene pegi ngemis other’s PC ..huisy! ..hahaha..

Hurmm.. I have my lunch at new kedai near the office but still kene naik the car..kalo tak jauh sket ar..Still makan alone..boring!!..buhsan giler..hahaha tp berserah jerla..hahaha..

While dun have kerja nih, I updated my resume and already send an application to Technology Park Malaysia Berhad..hahah..just try..and I also had registered in…Hope dpt sumthing..

Hurm..What I need right now is a fly me to Australia, I’m dying to continued my study there!! Warghh!!! Help!!! If ader sesaper yg berkenan to give loan tuk aku..Sile give me a call..hahhaha

And..3 weeks before Vietnam!!!yey!!