Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 20- Thanks Kerol!


Huhu… I already submit the borAng tuk take leave for this Monday, don’t u remember? I have an interview with Maersk Malaysia. Actually aku tak braper nak bersemangat to go to the interview sbab it has the Iq test and im not really good dalam that bab..urghh!!

But nevermind la..just try…if the nasib is by my side.. I‘ll lepas..if not..i’ll simple as Albegbra….kahkahkahkah…..Lucah lah plak..sorry2…(lucah lah!)

There is nothing much that I need to do today..just brangan around the table..kihkih….
Weh, u noe tak? Kung Fu Panda film? Actually we (nennie, Arip,MD and me) have the tickets to watch the premier of that film tonight!!! Huahuahuahua…best kan?,..mestilah best..tiket premier tuh..
Other people susah2 call Era, Fly fm, Hitz fm..we all just easily dapat..thanks Kerol..!haha..and we’re expecting a free ticket to watch teater P Ramlee the musical..It will be great if we can get the ticket…!! Kan~~

Its already 5 15 pm..and there is another 15 minutes…before I can rushing to the car…(dunno if that is really needed)… really hungry right now..padehal I’ve eat a lot today..

Dah la.. that’s all for today…mcm penat nak tulis byk2…

XoXo Billy B

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Anonymous said...

enjoy ur kungfu panda with all ur friends...