Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 21 - Sedeh!!!

HAhahahahaha… I’m very da happy today due to the so so many jobs!! Arghh!!!! There is no work for me today..LAngsung… Sitting down in staring at the computer for the whole day really make me feels like an idot! Arghh… aku dah keep begging my co-workers tuk give me any job..tak kesahlah filling ker….angkar barang ker..but it looks like there is nothing for me tuk buat…

Uhukkkk…. Stress~~~ Because there is nothing to story kat korang bout the office works.. I wanted to talk about sumthing else…mmm let me think…mm.owh luper… as usual when it is Friday.. I will lepak with arip at kedai India at puchong..hua…And the car petrol almoes finshed (meaning I need to refuel the petrol at RM 2.70 per litre…warghh!!! Mahal cukup!! Fcuk!!

mm.. what can we do…kan~~ accept the fact jer la….

I’m not a big fans of horoscope or zodiac becoz I found it difficult to believe on those crappy things(Unlike Nennie, The horoscope genius..korang mesti kagum).. but for the past few days, my horoscope ..

Arghhh!!! Sorry2…I got an urgent job…bye2

XoXo Billy B..

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