Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 19 - sbab my secret that I am a super genius akan terbongkar!!

Halo- Halo!!

Long time no see kan? Yesterday my office black out la….so taksempat nak wirte the blog..sorry k rakan2?..hahaha..but nothing much happen yesterday compared to today… the only interesting thing happened is the black out.. it is almost for 2 hours..and what did I do while waiting the electricity recover? Guess what? Correct! Sleeping~~ hahaha.. well, although there is no aircond but thank god we’re bless with heavy rain and tido la puas2..n the electricity only recovered at 5 pm.. half an hour lps tu dah bole balik.. haha

Enough for yesterday’s before the lunch hour, I’m very happy because there is so many work that is given to me…hahaha..
Br la sronok sket..but the work all habis before lunch hour..and my supervisor amik half day plak ari nih..
Dah tader sesaper nak supervise me…argh!! Stress2..

But the gud news is.. I got a called from Maersk Malaysia Berhad and I have an assessment at their place at Shah Alam this Monday.. terpakser la I take leave for one day.. but there is IQ test and I dun like the iq test..sbab my secret that I am a super genius akan terbongkar… arghh!! Nevermind la..i’ve been keeping the secret so many years..maybe its time..kahkahkahkahkahkahkah

Whut should I do now..there is nothing to do.. I can’t chat, I can’t sleep..isk,isk, sedey2.. any suggestion? Mesti takder punyer..tau dah..
Korang aper tau..huhuhuhu

K la..Thats all for today..see u tomorrow..

XoXo Billy B

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