Monday, June 2, 2008

Day 18 - Still makan alone~~boring!!

Well, Here am I again..tulis blog as usual…actually I just realize that the time that shows the time I wrote my blog is not correct..and aku tak tau how nak repair the time..hahah..never mind big deal kan..hahaha.. Today is a super2 boring day..and aku actually tak sababr nak go meet my friend yang malas nak pegi jumper our other friend..hahaha… whu cares..i still going though..hahah..

I got this little job this morning which is to key in the attendance data into the’s easy + boring..hahaha.. And I’m incharge to calculate the elaun tuk trainee2 lain… and tuk myself gak… tp because I tak reti lg kire..the jobs di hand over to other employee..huisy! stress..hahah.. kalo tak I already know how much is my allowance for this month..

For the first time evah, aku raser the disket adalah important giler..hahaha.. they are all using this kuno thing at this office.. I dunno about other office.. but my mom’s store pun dah tak gune disket..hahaha..whut to do kan..and nak dijadikan CPU at this office takder disket nyer tempat cocok, aku kene pegi ngemis other’s PC ..huisy! ..hahaha..

Hurmm.. I have my lunch at new kedai near the office but still kene naik the car..kalo tak jauh sket ar..Still makan alone..boring!!..buhsan giler..hahaha tp berserah jerla..hahaha..

While dun have kerja nih, I updated my resume and already send an application to Technology Park Malaysia Berhad..hahah..just try..and I also had registered in…Hope dpt sumthing..

Hurm..What I need right now is a fly me to Australia, I’m dying to continued my study there!! Warghh!!! Help!!! If ader sesaper yg berkenan to give loan tuk aku..Sile give me a call..hahhaha

And..3 weeks before Vietnam!!!yey!!

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