Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I'm still the old BOB + higher self esteem.

When I talked bad thing - its either I'm angry or I'm joking

When I talked arrogantly - its either I'm building my confidence or I'm joking

When I made fun of you - its totally inadvertent because I felt it before when people made fun of me just because I'm fat. This is one example :
1. Kau tak leh naik kereta aku sebab takut absorber rosak (well, it hurts)

I became a person yang suka puji diri sendiri because well.. thats me yang aku puji, ikut suka aku lah.. so minta maaf.

My point is, correct me if I'm wrong, but still , I am the same bob no matter I'm 135kg or Im 83kg. Its still me

Kepada yang still tak faham : Kamu tak paham perbezaan perasaan saya dahulu dan sekarang. Walaupun aku suka aku yang dulu jugak but I will try my best not to becoming that again.

I am me now

p/s : try sebut I am me now laju2 confirm jadi --->>Meowwww!

Gambar untuk resume baru (tangkap sendiri)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

BoBBa Alert : Wonderfull days ahead with two p/s

This post suppose to be a post that will involved my love life but as I started keyboarding the words, I realized that I'll need more than this blog to bring all the word together and furthermore, its crucial for me to avoid the misleading when somebody take a peek on my post. :)

So I made my mind and use the CTRL + A key and then pup! deleted. Everything gone. Each and every single words disappeared.

Some of you know, and some of you don't and for those who know, they can see how happy and how exciting my life had become for the past months. Not to say that my life was not anticipating enough before, it is just.... complete. I have someone who love me, I have my friendsss who love me as much and I have me to love myself. Not to forget, the love from the family. What else do I need. nothing. Owh lupe! Money! I need money. Money2 come to papa!


BoBBa the Food Generator

P/s : Saya nak pi kelas english tak lama lagi. So forgive me for all the grammatically errors as i'm on my way improving it.~

P/s 2 : Berat saya naik sikit.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Aku tak tau dah nak tulis apa..
byk sgt nak tulis.