Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I'm still the old BOB + higher self esteem.

When I talked bad thing - its either I'm angry or I'm joking

When I talked arrogantly - its either I'm building my confidence or I'm joking

When I made fun of you - its totally inadvertent because I felt it before when people made fun of me just because I'm fat. This is one example :
1. Kau tak leh naik kereta aku sebab takut absorber rosak (well, it hurts)

I became a person yang suka puji diri sendiri because well.. thats me yang aku puji, ikut suka aku lah.. so minta maaf.

My point is, correct me if I'm wrong, but still , I am the same bob no matter I'm 135kg or Im 83kg. Its still me

Kepada yang still tak faham : Kamu tak paham perbezaan perasaan saya dahulu dan sekarang. Walaupun aku suka aku yang dulu jugak but I will try my best not to becoming that again.

I am me now

p/s : try sebut I am me now laju2 confirm jadi --->>Meowwww!

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A reader said...

Dear Bobba,
I definitely can relate to how you feel when you said, u love what you before, but you will never want to be there again.
Was in your shoes, and I am not myself before. But still do struggling to maintain the weight to be just nice.
Keep writing. Just found your blog.

A Reader