Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 26 - Scouting is my life!!!

Waktu duka dulu kite lalui bersama..
Bahagia bagaii..

(lagu ujan..aku terdengar di radio)

If u’ll wanna noe.. there is a radio just beside my table in the office nih.. kinda noisy la sumtimes..but its veru helpful when kiter feel sgt mengantuk..kan~~.. I dun have much to do..just a little bit and that.. and still trying working on the Smart call phone line and also the nitrogen’s sangat susah tuk find the low price for the nitrogen gas.. it is sebab, all the peniaga only knoe how nak mark up harga than tau nak berniaga.. sbabtulah byk yg gagal ngan semperna in their business…. I dun noe y but I’m bored n sad because of them..

Well..last weekends, I had a camping with Unisel Rovers and It is very nice and sweet because I manage to teach them a little bit of this and that about scout and I hope they will stay to be a scout forever hahaha.. I entertain them till aku exausted giler but it is all berbaloi because dorang seems happy.. : )

Lalalalalalalalala..dis weekend aku akan camping lagi..n cant wait till Saturday!!
Scouting is my life..

N this is why I wanted to stay in KL than to stay in Johor..


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