Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 26 - I'll still love them!!

Walo2….I’ll go back early today because I’m taking a half day leave.. the reason why I’m doing that shall be a secret forever.. hahahaha …Well Friday usually is the hari with all the ketenangan because there is a so little work that need to be done.. so… I’m enjoying my free time right now..

Tp kan..Dis week obviously is the toughest week for me!! There so many aral yang melintang…giler stress…dah tak larat dah…but thank god there is nennie whu will always be by my matterla I’m right or wrong..She’s the real friend..Luv YA NEn!!

Well there is also friends whu claimed to be one of my besties but they really don’t act like one…but for me..they will always be my best friends forever… Tak kesah lah dorang tu pretenders ker (dah slalu jumper), friends with benefits ker (isy.takderla kot kawan mcm nih)…aper2la.. I’ll still Love them !! (it’s okay to call me Pathetic)..

Hahahaha…Emo ek my blog today…
Ok la Padehal .Sumtimes only..not everyday I write this kind of things…

And to all my new friends… Nice to meet you and once a Scout Always A scout

P/s :MAlam Ni I’ll go camping at sg Chongkak!!


XoXo and ZeZe Billy B

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