Monday, May 12, 2008

Day 6 - Straight + egoistic = Super Straight!!

Not in a good condition to work….it’s a headache, a major one.. Can’t think and focused well.. And the first job that need to be done is the SOP… Urghh.. bnyk giler nak kene bacer..and I think this is what I’m going to do for the whole day. Hopefully I’m wrong..

One of the employee here took an MC and the office kinda sunyi because she is very becok and funny …well, nothing much happened this morning and I’m expecting more for this evening.. hahaha..

It.s 4 O’clock pm and I’m not in a good mood .. MD suddenly make a decision not to stay in my house anymore.. It’s so sudden.. dunno what the selfish prick is thinking.. Fyi, that straight + egoistic = super straight guy(giler macho la) , at my opinion, always thinking about himself only everytime, every seconds.. He says that he wanted to try to stay at Rawang for a week.. and kalo cam penat duk Rawang die will moved at my house balik.. Very unpractical and selfish kan~~… But I just hoping that Arip will stay with me until this 3 months end or else I’m going to be alone…huh~~

Ape2la.. Life must go on.. I still have friends that will think about his friends equal to himself..kan~~ ..lapar giler.. I didn’t take my lunch this afternoon( well,everyday is the same..hahaha).. Actually, I’m still reading and adjusting this SOP.. facing this thing for the whole day really make me hungry..dunno the connection actually..but it really does..hungry~~hungry~~ maybe I’ll have dinner with nennie ima n mia today kat Subang.. Nennie wake up late today..kuikuikui…so tak pigi kerje…

K la..
Need to continue reading the SOP.. lalalalala…

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Noah said...

gambar yg de awek kt sblh tu awek ko ehh??

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