Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 11 - Head suddenly denyut2 hardly!

Urghhh…dunno why today raser very sleepy for the whole day.. maybe because of penat kot..yerla..

I just came back from Gunung Nuang yesterday.. so it is ok for me to raser tired..huhu..
Well.. I manage to climbed until to the gunung Nuang peak, and it is my second time there!!hahahahaha…hebat tak.. Well..the kehebatan yg terlampau really membuatkan may legs almost paralyze..hahaha..I cant move freely because of the sgt sakit nyer prasaan..

Well, I currently succesfull in preparing the uniform proposal!! Huahuahua…Giler terror-rist aku ni..and tomorrow I will present the new design and colour in front of the General Manager and his deputy..Curcur!!!hahaha

And after lunch hour my head suddenly denyut2 hardly..dunno y..stress but I need to finished all the job given..the attendance, the price quotation for the gas and renovation and so on….all the administration stuff la.. there is no big deal la for a genius likeme( nennie mesti geram if bace this sentence.. : ) )..

There is sumthing fuzz happening in my supervisor rooms.. there are so hardworking and that makes me want to work even harder than them.. but I need more job ..hahaha giler kan..My GM is a very2 quiet person and I think his life is very bosan because there is no commucation happe between the employers and employees…hisy la..~~ but ok la working here..ramai aunty2 yg comel and banyak cakap..aku pun banyak cakap gak la kan~~hahaha…see2…Skang ni pun they r still gossiping!! Huhuhu..suke2..

Rite..enough for today…

XoXo Billy B

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Muiz said...

wei pergi nuang atk ajak pun