Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day 9 - The Sword fight hat!

Alrite..It’s time for blog!!! Hahaha… Whenever it’s time to write this thing, u can see a big smile on my face..huhuhu..

Ala…the carpet men dah sampai la… but its ok la..if they start their work awal ..aku pun can go back early la..takyah wait until 7 o’clock macam semalam..huhu..Today, I need to finished yesterday’s uncompleted work. So I start working as soon as I arrive at the office.. As usual , am the first one who arrive at the office. But okla working here, there’s no need to deal with the conjested road stress..

What I need today are to find someone to repair the office, prepared the employee’s uniform list, and find a company who can do a piping for our nitrogen gas(sounds macam merbahaya giler kan?) hahaha.. tp its true la..mmg merbahayaa..

Before I can enter the lab, I need to wear a special white suit complete with the glove and shoes. My head also need to be covered by a sword game hat(do u noe what I mean?..ala..yg people main pedang2 nipis tuh..)..then they will inspect my body and spray me with high pressure wind to make sure there’s no bacteria in my body..
Giler ah!! Susah giler u noe..I need to do that every day…

Huhuhu…tipu only lah…hahahaha

This evening I had a meeting with sorang jantan dr phoneline agent.. Actually we already meet one agent yg provide same promotion .. and sajer jer ngada-ngada nak choose the better promoter.. and u know what , when I met that promoter I feel like nak lempang2 jer muke die.. Promoter but act like a big boss..dar~~~ like I dunno dat u r just a promoter.. dun care la u r using a cool gadget or what! Eh la mamat nih!(geram sgt la ni)
.. I didn’t amik masa lame to noe which promoter we want to choose.. I’ve already made my decision..Eric! u won!hahahaha

K la.. that’s all la for hari ni..nak pi amik that ima..chiow!

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