Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 10 - Lets change it to pink!!

UIK! Wadap2!! Ari ni aku macam letih gler…. Tak tau naper…keje takder la banyak sgt but I still feel tired.. maybe because it is jumaat kot..hahaha..
Not related langsung kan~~

Lunch hour td , I jalan2 alone kat summit..yerla.. lunch break for today is 2 hour.. what can I do than jalan2 at Summit kan? Hahaha.. Serious am very sleepy right now.. can’t wait the the clock tick at 5 30 pm..and..I can go back!!!huahuahua

Today I have to do two proposal, one is about the proposal to change the phone line and the second proposal is about the company’s uniform.. I think they need to chage the colour..serious~~ btol..korang should see the kaler now…giler hambar.. Am thinking to change it to pink..coolies~~huahuahua..

Still ngantuk~~it’s already five! Come on!

2morrrow is cuti !! until Monday!! Lalalal~~ sonok2..

Besok I’ll go hiking gunung Nuang with summer rovers and I dun think I wanna to hike until the peak,,tak larat lah me..huh!! Got to work some more on Monday..kan~~
Just doa for my keselamatan jer udah!!

Tak siap lg da second proposal.. Tuesday la continue..boleh siap punyer la..


XoXo Billy B

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