Friday, May 9, 2008

Day Five-LAN cable man VS phoneline man... Let the war begin!!

Yesterday I have MUET I didn’t work as usual.. and when I met them this morning ..they really looking forward tuk tau where and why did I disappeared yesterday.. Obviously my supervisor didn’t tell them mana aku pegi.. mcm best lak plak the feeling. How to explain ek? ..its like feeling connected.. ha..tu la kot..

This morning, I asked one of my workmate about the phoneline man yang suppose to came yesterday.. but she said that no one is coming.. hisy..dah sudah.. pehal plak nih.. aku pun call the company again and the manager said that his technicians are on the way..okla kot..

But several minutes later I got a called from the receptionist saying that the LAN cable man waiting for me downstairs..tak nak havoc plak opis aku yg tak braper nak big nih..full with the technicians from the two different company..kecewe aku.. server down suddenly la~(whole building ok?!) .. Cable phone putus la.. arghh..headache!!!

But everything ended just according plan and we start moving our things to the new place which is more comfortable..hahaha..

The best part for today is where my supervisor blanje us pizza Hut.. three large pizza and I only got two slices from it because of course la aku kene bujet + diet…thanks PUan!!

The new SOP (refer to blogs below to noe more about this) arrived at my desk before I finished the other two SOP… The SOP getting thicker and thicker …
Gila wo!!!
Dah la..its already 5 08 pm and I have several jobs to be done..bye

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