Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 16 - Genius will stay as genius forever!

Why am I not feeling boring doing and writing this blog everyday ek? I also dunno knaper la..maybe sbab I can isi my free time before I go back tiap hari..btol la..! I think it’s the reason la~~yey!! I have the reason..yuhuu!!

Today I’m driving arip’s car to work..yesterday I’m driving mine. Oh! I’m sorry. Aku forgot nak tell u guys yg now we are using one car only to work.. every morning, we all (arip,me and MD) will be ready at 7 20 am (tp arip always late)..geram!! and I’ll drop Md kat Lrt Sri Petaling nyer stesen..and after that I’ll drop arip plak at Redtone ..pastu baru I ll arrive at my office around 8 15 am like that…hebatkan? I can save petrol n toll this way tau!
Well.. genius will stay as genius forever..(hehe..)

Pagi ni, I’ve going through a lot of things. There are bitter memories,and there are also sweet memories…(eh,macam2 la!) ..aku merepek jer tuh..owh! u remember Eric? The busrah man yg dealing the phone line with me?..hurmm..that guy la..thank god u’ve remembered..kalo tak mmg sial la korang!! Kahkahkah… Eric tu came this morning to collect the smart call boss already approved my proposal to change the phone line..hahah…hebatnyer aku…takder saper dpt menyangkal!! Aku dah increase Telekom nyer profit!! usual ..i’m not going out for lunch, just makan my fibremeal bread jer..n now..aku lapar!!!! Giler babi punyer lapar!!! Huh..tgh makan roti lg nih..sedap2!

And after da lunch bread..tetibe got a lot of wotk to do..aku gatal2 dok lawakan file la..sususn kertas ..bersihkan area fax2 tuh..huhu..they all definitely proud to have me in the opis..kan rakan2~~?(tima kaseh krane support me!)

Owh..this evening we will again having dinner together…Nennie,Arip,MD, Adah and me!
Everyday is just beautiful!! Love them!!

Its already 5 13pm..and its time for me to berkemas2 to balik rumah!!opss..its time for mamak!!lalala~~~

XoXo Billy B

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C.O.N.T.H.X said...

Oit~ rajen plak ko dgn blog nehh..

(p/s : log on to mntak tlg klo ble tumpang banner ads aku kt blog ko- wakkawkaw)

-peace from borneo family-