Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 13 - Melayu always like that la~~~

Lalalala~~~ alast! I kene marah by my supervisor because of the chatting thing..haahahaha….i actually dah dpt guess yg dis kind of thing will happened because I chatting tak from now on, I will focus on my work and work only. Chat only can happened during lunch time!!

But dun worry, for my blog supporter , this takkan berenti because this blog mean a worlllddd to me.. and thanks again for those we kept reading my blog although tak la sebest mane..

Dis morning, there is nothing to do because I ve finished all the works yesterday and I just wandering around the internet and did a serious chatting (sbab tu lah kene marah kot~~) abis tuh! They all tu yg suppose to give me keje and after she marah me, I got sumthing to do non-stop..hahaha

Wargghhh!!! That guy I ade request for quotation from one gas man,remember? I already got it and the price given is very unreasonable! Kepala bapak die! Padehal that matter small2 only.. the harge can buy2 motocycle dah! Sial..dunno y I’m the one whu get emotional hahaha…and today I did not feel that sleepy ..maybe because I got enough sleep yesterday..yes! get enough sleep everyday will make your life healthier and happier!!

Owh ..forget to mention , sambungan from the blog yesterday bout another gas man, lagi sorang, I request for this,he proposed for that, I said this, he said that! Arhggg!! Mcm sial..although I dunno much about this kind of thing but I noe sumthing is wrong when he say this and that! Tula..Melayu ni..we want to help each other but they keep doing annoying thing!! Urghh..

Lunch hour td.. I went to IoI mall to met arip..hahaha..At least I hav sumthing to do in the 2 hour…kan~~haha

K la..its already 5 38pm…and I need to go back!chioww!!!

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