Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My first day~~

First when I arrive at the office front, the door was lock.. it already 7 45..n it’s still lock..
Arghh…what am I going to do now.. I felt… lost~~..

15 minutes later the door opened by an employee in a brown uniform (yeah..they’re wearing uniform) from the company and I get a seat in front of the reception counter..

Then I heard dorang(the receptionist) borak bout the beg tangan yg her friend beli kat sogo.. Bonia… it is so annoying to hear the discussion about the handbag..Comfortable la~~ soft la~~ cute la~~.. but obviously the handbag is sooooo biase.. there is nothing great on it ..darrr~~~

Several minutes later I realize sumthing.. there is no youngster walking around the building.. yg ader just the 30-an people…and again.. I felt..lost~~

15 minutes later I ve been called by the person incharge and for the first impression….she was nice.. not was she is nice..
She briefly explain things about the company and she heret me to all the departments in the company.. I try my best to give them my goody precious smile eventhough it is just a fake.. but I ‘m not worrying.. because myself will glow on its own..hahaha..glow izzat,,,glow!!

Surprisingly…I’ve been given a lot of works and projects and that make me happy because at least I have sumthing to do rather then wondering around..kan~~

mm.. I got my desk.. my own computer.. my own phone with personnel extension number..huhu..coolies..yey!!

It’s 4 30 pm now and jab gi kul 5 30 I can go back..yoyo….

Well.. see u 2morrow?


fynas said...

haha ako dpt byng kn cm ne muke ko bile dgr d lady kt receptns tu psl handbg...hahaha

shah21 said...

mcm best je plak keje..
even cam nmpak bosan..
rase mcm nk keje la plak tk nk study lg..
mcm ner ek ko bile keje?
hehe.. ade nervous tk?

BlameTheDevil said...

nervous la gak memula..
tp lelamer ok la..

fikri elegginzo bronzane said...

hoho,, so u r working now,, congrats yaa