Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 14 - I'm a very adorable brother!!

Halloo!!! Wadup3!..haha.
Sorry because there is no blog for yesterday.. I’ve a MC for yesterday..my leg la..so sakit.. n then sakit hati gak because of the clinic's very sangat expensive fee..sial! inject la..ubat sapu la.. n u noe what?! The next day bile I went to the pakarnyer hospital..the doctor said all the medicines that the clinic gave me are useless..I dun have any swell to eat the swelling pill..dar~~~ stop being a doctor bastard!! Huh..lega!!

Hurmm..I start my work today with a very bad mood..dunno y..maybe because dah sonok naw bercuti..huhu.. I dun have any work this morning but I pretend that I have works to do..huhu.. I called people..asking bout the quotation and I kemas my meja..but die sepah balik this evening..huh~~~

Guess what I have for lunch today?..haha..mee hun goreng mamak with chicken!! Kahkahkahakahakahakah..gemuk la ko..gemukla ko…stress~~im so bored until my stomach started to scream like hell and a few minutes later, I already sit at the mamak stall and ordering the mi hun goreng without taugeh…sedap gak la…but eating alone really not fits me…haha.really need the besties~~ miss them!but..am going to meet them this evening..hahaha..yuhuu!!

Owh! Yesterday adalah birthday md nor @ MD…and we manage to surprise him with a very kechik birthday party at the kfc..but to saw him surprised.. its ok la..huhu..our mission is a success.. we all luv u MD!!!

MM…still got sumthing to do tp cam malas giler..so I think I’m going to finished it tomorrow jer la..

Td kan ader pakcik nih n his employee dtg jual coklat..all the staff said it is nice but when I tasted it I think its very murah nyer chocolate and the price that he are selling is very high….u noe what.. I bought three packet of them for ten bucks..i also dunno y im buying the thing..and all of the staffs will buy it after taste it..aku raser dah kene mantera la..my mom mesti marah giler..huhu..but ok la kot..all of my siblings are here in KL..so they can eat it…huhu…well…I’m a very adorable brother..(ah..dun mention..malula)…

K la..thats all for today..sakit perut plak..hahaha..tata..

XoXo Billy B

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