Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 12 - Blame Arip n Nennie!

arip n nennie!!

Hah!!! I’m very lambat la today!!! It’s all arip fault, he turn off the alarm when it rang at 6 30 am!! Argh!!And Nennie's fault too! She promised to kejut me but she's not! Dah la wake up late, shirt still not yet ironed..then on my way, there’s one traffic light rosak and stuck there for almost half an hour..mcm mane?

Nway, sorry because there is no blog for yesterday due to so many jobs that need to be done, so aku continued with ari ni punyer jek la….mmm..xpela..
Let story sket bout yesterday’s work, as usual ,it is about the phone line, and the uniform.. no more SOP because my supervisor can’t find anytime to revise the SOP… safe for now..

For today.. there nothing much to do..because everything had been done today what I need to do is just some correction on the proposal that I’ve made..hurmm..oh..the eric man called just now…hahaha..very boring la die tuh..
Very busrah+ tak comel..hahaha..

Sumtimes I feel very bored when takder kejer… y dun they gave me any interesting job to be done.. dun la risau2..
Mesti can do punyer if there orang yg could ajar me.. at least I’ll learn sumthing.kan~~


PUPPP!!! BAngun!!
Pure2 sleeping…serius skang ni I stil have some work need to be done, but am so sleepy smpai cant think anything..moral of the story, tonight I will sleep early so, I will rase extra bertenaga tomorrow..

Urghh!! 2morrow is’s a day of 2 hours lunch I going to summit again?..only time will tell…huhu..
Tgh tunggu a gas man ni..he promise to come yesterday but cancelled and come today but lambat….boleh declare war with me nih…

K la..I’m going to meet him and I’ll tell u whut happened tomorrow..

XoXo Billy B


keroll cadbury said...

rajin menghupdate blog..

fazz said...

g smyg jumaat tau...
k take care...

Nennie T said...

hahahahaha lalalala !!!!! blame ur room mate ahh !

m.D said...

you can put the blame on arip..
you can put the blame on nennie..
BUT you not put the blame on ur self!!!!dh besar pun org lain nk kejut..erm...