Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Still sakit hati pasal this log book!!!!Huarghh!!!..

Well…well..well…wella (minyak rambut!) kahkahkah..klakar nyer aku nih..

MM…well today aku just sit at my table ang fill the stupid log book..macam sial la nak kne fill in and write in the thing that we do at the office everyday..Ntah saper la yang design this log book..giler stalker! NAk tgk org buat aper everyday!! Syial!!! Aku dah lah got a lot of works to do..+ this bangang log book + the-waste-of-time report tuh…Sakitnyer hati aku….geram no lah nih… Membazir dah one day aku tuk finished up this log book jer!! Tu pun tak habis2 lagi…

Em…Vietnam…well it is hot and sexy..because I’ve been there..and I’m the one who make things sexy there..Well.. I bring the sexy back,yeah!…but I’m going to miss the OAT club….i miss u..miss u..miss u guys..lot..lot..lot!!!! But what to do in a few days more I will lose the “student of UNISEL” title..Damn! I love UNISEL…more than I love my primary school………hahahahaha

Still sakit hati pasal this log book!!!!Huarghh!!!..tenang-tenang-tenang..

Weh..korang ni tak nak masuk Pengakap ker?! At least kehidupan korang lebih bermakna dan bahagia berbanding dengan kehidupan korang yang skarang nih..hahahaha..best2!!!!

Lalala…sangat ngantuk la today…because of this log book..bangang!!!!!

K la..nak tido jab..hahaha…

XoXo Billy B

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