Friday, March 27, 2009

Suffering - Menderita - Cerita Yang Tak Gembira

Suffering . I really am suffering . FUCK .

YEs.As korang can see, I lost weight tremendously for the past year . And I cant deny that i'm ALMOST statisfied with my figurama now. Peoples keep asking me for the tips, my diet regime, what did I do and so on...So,my answer had been always, eat no rice, and just eat quaker oat...hahahaha..Well.. it is true that i ate no rice and i also ate quaker oat for the sake of kurus. Urghh... and now, im dah mula feel that I dont like food..mmm, its not that I dont like food, its like,urmm...I can't accept and enjoy food like you all does. No matter how good it is. And if aku makan siket pun, aku akan rase stressed out for the whole day. The thought that all the food I ate will turn to be a fleshy2~~ things in my badan..arghhh...Boring!!

Korang cakap ah aper jer..sumer aku dah tak selsa nak menelannya..
Even vegetables pun kalo bole aku tak moh makan...Hahahaha...
Last 2 weeks my berat increase ngan hebatnyer smpai 89..and then aku dah lost about 8 kilos..2 weeks, * kilos, sounds good right! what I ate is half chapati of half Roti Nan for a day. I didn't take my breakfast or lunch and I only had the Nan or Chapati in the evening..thats it!

But well...aku kene start jog and sit up and push up and all kinds of exercise to maintain the weight maybe...
Lagi2 nak pg Bali this june! I must have a perfect body for the beach!

BoBBa BomBBasticis!


RoHA NRN said...

pegi Bali dis June~
nak itot nak itot~

Anonymous said...

ko dah masuk zone comfort untuk tak nak makan...kalu ko makan..ko rase sgt guilty pada diri sendiri!!

dah kurus...just keep on diet biase je lah...tak yah nak regime kurus...nnt ko kene anorexia ~ haiyoo tak ble bayangkan dah~~ hahaha