Friday, February 6, 2009


Suddenly, I feel thet i am boring..haha. Nuthing todo at the office.and this make my stomach dance a cha cha dance. Am going to buy food afterwards lorghh~.
Foods = Fats = sakit hati.

Well.As a drama producer, there s nuthing much i can do in the office. Just update the email and melayari internet dengan melihat page2 myspace kawan2 dan juga menulis blog. And dont blame me for the emptiness of isi dalam this blog post. WalalaWaca hei...

mmmm...hari ni aku kerja pakai polo T giordano and my one and only one jeans yg fit my size(saper yg slalu keluar ngan aku tau la seluar mane)..hahaha.. it all because of the long lost flesh. But im bersyukur for that. Now i can really say that i am EXTRA GORGEOUS AND SEXXXY. Plus sex is my hobby other than hiking and camping.. so lose weight will be the extra advantage.haha..

Well... am missing to do the camping with all the bearies and bear. Two weekends spent with them are the marvellous and spectacular moment. Jussssst Love It! it will have been better if the sunshine was around.LOtr~~

Yesterday and the day before yesterday, wan, putri yg tertinggal(mulan), roro,nad-sam, mia and BoBola lepak2 with aku and arip kat Ac and hartamas the day after.. and u noe what? Have u ever imagine AC will ever blackout?! its happening that day..ayo..dahla dah order makan and since bangla or si nepal tu(tak sure bangsa ape mamat pakistan tu) able to cook in the darkness(agak kagum sbab everything looks puurrrfect!) we all terpaksa memakan dalam keadaan gelap gelita dgn diterangi cahaya henphone Si Rangga> And as usual, talking about stuffs, ridiculous and disgusting stuff. Porno stuff. hahaha..

Time kat hartamas plak, nuthing happen just aku makan just a little too much for my dieting programme. And we also talking and discussing about someone punyer TELOR yang diura-urakan sebagai besar! it was sangat hilarious and sort of steamy because, well..i love TELOR. N0, No, i mean i love to makan telur rebus. telur rebus ayam jantan. Eh eh!! bukan, telur rebus ayam betina! arghhh!! Entahla... hahaha...

Ps: Kawan2 biar pecah di Perut jgn pecad dimulut pasal that TELOR k?!! kahkahkahkahkah



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