Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let me breathe again.

hurmmm...After all this while, what I had is hope,and its nearly gone.
I'm through with you.

Right back where we started, falling apart at the scene. You've tagged your name on my heart and now i just sat there and let it bleed.
Sweetheart, so now it is goodbye.

I'm letting you go, you letting me down.Being caught in your reign and I almost drowned.
I'm letting you go, our love's black and blue.
How many words does it take to say i'm through?

You said you knew what romance is. Faded, I fell four you lies.
But you're out of second chances, sadly were fading out tonight.

It is goodbye indeed.
I dont want to,
Have to,
I must set you free,
no more words
Its over,
So that I can finally breathe.

And it came to my concern that this love will rise again.
And what i'll do is fight again. till the end of life.

BoBBa Boom Boom Pow!

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